The Authors

Roberto A. Reid, B.A., MA. Director, author. Mr. Reid is the founder of the Silver People Heritage Foundation and one of the principal authors. Born in Panama City, Panama, he grew up during the dynamic and often turbulent periods of Panamanian history. A second generation Westindian, he was descended of Jamaican grandparents, who had come to Panama to work on the construction of the Panama Canal- members of that unique class of workers known as The Jamaican Bosses.

He has pursued his great life ambition, to write about his heritage and his experiences in the United States and abroad. He is the principal author behind The Silver People Chronicle (a historical weblog) and Rapsodia Antillana, its sister web site in Spanish.

The Silver People Heritage Foundation was born of his great concern to prevent the disappearance of his people’s culture and historical legacy- what he calls The Silver People Heritage, and he writes and works ardently to this end.

Lydia M. Reid, B.A., MLS. Executive Director, author. Mrs. Reid is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Silver People Heritage Foundation.

Her professional experience has included pioneering work in establishing technical library systems. Her specialty has always been Special and Technical libraries and she has always enjoyed working with researchers, teachers, and students.

The Silver People Chronicle and Heritage Foundation have become a passion and a driving mission for Mrs. Reid.